I will provide links to some of my favorite yarn companies! I am vegan so I do not purchase or use animal-based fibers but you will find a little bit of everything at the links provided.

I will also share knowledge of yarn and tips and tricks for reading labels, understanding different weights and uses,  and selecting yarn.


I will provide links to my favorite hooks along with explanations of the different materials available, sizes, shapes, weights and which work best for pencil and knife hold styles.


Especially when you are first learning to crochet, making decisions about what yarn, what stitch and even what to make can be daunting. Patterns - especially free patterns -  can be your hero! I will share links to some of my favorite designers and patterns and encourage you to create a Ravelry.com profile.


Why Crochet?

Last December I had spinal surgery that deeply limited what I was allowed to do. With a weight lift restriction that prevented me from even lifting my camera, I needed to find a creative outlet to keep my hands and mind busy. I started playing with knitting and learned enough to make a couple of scarves but I made too many mistakes I couldn't figure out how to correct.

In February I picked up a crochet hook for the first time and it was love at first stitch. It was challenging enough to keep me trying without being too frustrating. I went from making my first chain on February 10th to finishing my first large blanket on April 2nd.

Crochet is so much more than a hobby at this point. It is a rare day that goes by that I haven't worked on at least one project and I usually have several in progress. I like the act of making something someone else will use and love. I love picking colors and textures, figuring out new techniques, and allowing my brain to work on left brain problems while my right brain is busy.

With less than a year of experience I am definitely still a "newbie" but I have enough hours of practice and completed projects to consider myself advanced or an "adventurous beginner". Over the last few months I have shared some of my knowledge with friends and now I am ready to share with you!

I plan to offer video tutorials, explanations of different techniques and tools, as well as links to favorite products and patterns. I hope you will join me! Please consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel so you will receive notifications when new videos are posted.