Holiday “Starter” Kit Buying Guide

Someone recently asked me for recommendations for what to buy someone in their family who wants to start learning how to crochet. The buyer has zero experience with crochet and can’t help with the teaching process plus doesn’t know what tools you will need. I’m here to help!

Hooks – under $10

This starter set from Amazon is surprisingly good, especially considering the price point. It is a set of hooks with ergonomic handles in a generous assortment of sizes, stitch markers, several tapestry needles (which can cost the amount of this hook set alone!) and all of this is tucked into a cute zippered pouch.

These are not Furls hooks (which are on sale right now for Black Friday – Cyber Monday (I’m trying not to look!) but for a beginner, they are perfect!

Book – under $20

This book is so good! The Complete Crochet Course is just that: 175 different stitches, 120 tutorials, and 95 techniques. It’s modern, clean, bright, well-written with excellent photos and has useful practice lessons to get you going.

Yarn – $2.49/skein

For beginners, I highly recommend KnitPicks acrylic yarn since it has a bit of stretch so it’s super beginner friendly while also being affordable and machine washer/dryer safe. It is soft and comes in a huge assortment of colors. Nearly every blanket I have sold has been made with this yarn! I like KnitPicks because it is softer than yarns like Red Heart Super Saver.

If you can wait for a sale, you can find it as low as $1.39-$1.79 depending on the color. Speaking of colors, I strongly recommend not starting with black. It is incredibly difficult to see your stitches and is beyond frustrating for a beginner. Lighter, brighter colors are your friend!

The recommendations above don’t include scissors or a project bag but I assume everyone owns a pair of scissors and has a free tote bag they picked up somewhere. Fancy project bags are fun and fancy but not strictly necessary to start. The list above can get you a really nice starter set for less than $50.

If you want to shop for even less, you can find individual hooks for $3-10 each at your local craft store and yarn like Red Heart Super Saver is cheap and found in a wide range of colors at many different stores including places like Walmart. Most any stitch you could want to learn can be found for free as a video on YouTube. You can read more about picking yarn here and hooks here.

The only thing you can’t buy is patience or the time to practice but I hope your recipient (or YOU!) will have fun learning how to crochet! With any luck, I will have more tutorials up soon!

If you go shopping, share a comment below if you find any awesome deals!

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