WIP Wednesday – Havana #3 & A Deal Alert!

I know, I know… Another Havana? Did I even finish the one I shared last week?

I have put my Havana on hold along with a couple of other projects like Ubuntu to make way for this stunner of a commission! My client loves the intricacy of the Havana pattern but wanted a different color theme and to use a natural fiber so we went with Cascade Yarn’s Ultra Pima cotton yarn in the following colors (shown right to left below):

3729 – Gray (main color)
3779 – Pansy
3710 – Orchid
3724 – Armada
3726 – Periwinkle
3734 – Teal
3757 – Zen Green

WIP Wednesday - Havana 3

I got lucky at my LYS and was able to pick up most of the colors I needed yesterday and had several of the colors in my own stash which allowed me to get a jump start. The only online shop that I could find with all of the colors available (and a selection of dye lots to choose from!) was Wool Warehouse. They also have the best price/lowest markup. And they the have Sophie’s Universe kits which I can’t find anywhere else and it is top of my Christmas wish list! Feel free to insert all of the heart eyes here! Also, I am going to need more hands or more hours in the day to make all of the things on my favorites list on Ravelry. If anyone has a solution, let me know! Hahaha

This is going to be a full size blanket when it is finished which is traditionally 54″x75″ but I wanted to ensure this has enough drape so I added a bit more to my starting chain to make it 66″ wide. I’m working with a Furls Odyssey in G/4mm but I did use a H/5mm for the starting chain. I used a larger hook for the starting chain because I tend to have snug tension for the initial chain which can cause waving and tugging at the bottom of edge. Using a larger hook gives little more room to work and results in a nice straight, flat edge.

I got 2 inches done today! Let’s see how much I can get done before #WIPWednesday next week!


WEBS has Scheepjes Whirls on sale for $19.99 right now – regularly 28.99! They have a ton of fun colors and there are no knots when the colors change. The sale is through 12/2/18.

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