WIP Wednesday – Havana Take 2

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts and tutorials but my husband is still sick (though getting better!) and things have been busy with our son and his drama club as well as our second wedding anniversary. Yay! Hopefully we can resume recording within the next week!

In the meantime, here is a look at one of my current WIPs. Last week I showed you Havana and now I am going to show you another version of Havana because lemons-to-lemonade or something like that. Ha!

In the process of making the first one I messed up the first row of the pattern and had one section with one extra single crochet and the problem followed me all the way up 36 rows and into pattern two which was going to cause a problem with the raised X design that is created with double crochets. I could have cheated with a stitch to fix it but it ends up my husband hated the colors anyway so I repurposed it into a table runner which actually works well with the colors in our bedroom. Luckily, he just really hated the green so I hid it towards the back and we are both happy. I’m sure if you look close you can spot the error which is exactly why I didn’t fudge it to move forward… that row would bother me forever.

Havana CAL Table Runner

Now I have restarted Havana using Scheepjes Stone Washed/River Washed Color Pack which you can order online through a retailer like Texas Yarn Farm or you might get lucky and find at your local Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby has not listed it online at the time of this post but all of my local stores have had at least one or two boxes available. I am actually using two boxes of the yarn – one is being worked from the bottom right corner (Onyx) and the other from the top left (Lilac Quartz) – so I can alternate and have plenty of contrast. I have a spare cutie in a neutral color to split up the color when the packs meet in the middle. I am excited to use allllllllll the colors but here is what it looks like right now:

Havana CAL Take 2

Thankfully my husband loves the colors! I went through and double and triple my stitch count and still managed to make one mistake but I was able to correct it so no table runner this time. I’m unsure if I will be keeping or selling this one but feel free to message me if you want to call dibs to purchase it.

PS. Here is my anniversary present! He got me a Furls Alpha Hook made of rare AAA rated KOA. Swoon! In the box it just looks like a pretty lighter color wood but as soon as you pull it out and into the light, it just glows. At the time of this post they are sold out of AAA but they still have A and AA rated hooks listed online but I am sure they will sell fast.

Furls Alpha KOA Rare AAA Rated

PPS. I’ve mentioned and linked back to a couple of sites and brands and probably will in future posts. I am in no way compensated for doing this. I just like to share when I find something good and Furls and Scheepjes makes consistently good products and happily stands behind them. That’s good enough reason to me.

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