WIP Wednesday – The Color Therapy Edition

Hello everyone! Here’s a look at my #wipwednesday projects. I bounce between projects depending on my mood and how well I think my brain can focus. Unfortunately I battle with depression – usually seasonally as the days get colder and we don’t have as much sunshine – so sometimes my brain just can’t focus on counting stitches and complicated patterns get set aside for a bit. Thankfully some of the fog has lifted a bit so I think I should be able to get the Ubuntu diamonds finished through week 2 tonight. Week 10 was released this morning so I’m more than a little behind but it’s okay because I’m thoroughly enjoying the process.

WIP Wednesday

Pictured from the left:

Lotus blanket by Hooked by Robin worked in Scheepjes Whirl in Rosewater Cocktail worked with a size H/5mm Furls Odyssey hook.

Havana CAL worked in Scheepjes Stone Washed/River Washed Color Pack with Furls size G/4mm Alpha hook. I am working this using two Colour Packs (found at Hobby Lobby!) with one from the bottom right corner and the other from the top left for fun contrast.

Ubuntu CAL worked in Scheepjes Stone Washed/River Washed XL yarn with Furls G Odyssey hook. I got the kit online.

Not pictured: one commission and one Christmas gift.

One thing you will notice is how bright and happy these colors are! This is a huge benefit for me since bright cheery colors help cancel out the gray blah that is Ohio heading for winter. Do I think that specific colors can heal you or manage your pain? I don’t know. But these bright sunny colors certainly lift my mood so it doesn’t hurt to pull out whatever cheery colors make you happy. Personally, orange and blue can’t be beat! That’s probably why this is one of my favorite photos I shot with my iPhone several years ago. I need to get this printed and hung up in my office. These blues and vibrant orange tones always make me happy!

Hipsta Poppy

In my next post I will talk about gauge and why each of these projects is being worked with the hooks that I chose and why gauge matters.

Also, I am happy to report that my husband is feeling better and coughing less so we will be recording videos this week (cross your fingers!) and I have a fun thing that we made to give away so look for details on that soon!

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