All of the masks I sell are 100% handmade by me! I use boutique quilting cotton fabric for the front, muslin for the back and fabric yarn ties that you can tie at the back of your head or back of your neck depending on which you find more comfortable. I offer a wide variety of fabrics in bold, bright fun patterns as well as some solids including olive, black, medium grey and medium blue. I use Gütermann threads that compliment the chosen fabric and stitch decorative designs along the side seams. After multiple iterations I landed on a folding design that ships folded flat but pops open to cover your nose and chin. A video showing how to put on your mask is coming soon!

Handmade masks for a customer

I chose my mask design based on comfort and safety with an eye to environmental impact. Paper masks are not meant to be reused and I’m finding them discarded in parking lots. N95 masks are not terribly comfortable and better reserved for healthcare and other essential workers. My masks feature reinforced seams and cotton fabrics that will withstand lots of washes and wears. My masks are not considered medical grade but experts agree that high quality quilt cotton worn properly – covering your nose and mouth – while practicing social distancing is just as effective. Watch Bill Nye demonstrate the efficacy of fabric masks:

I have shipped masks all over the U.S. to people with autism and sensory issues, anxiety disorders and wearers of hearing aids. All have reported positive results with my masks. They are lightweight, breathable while still being protective, and the fit is fully customizable based on the neck strap and tie design. I have avoided elastic since it is irritating to ears and breaks down with washing and drying but I do have it available as an option if you have an accessibility need – just ask!

Check what CNN had to say about quilting cotton!

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