I love the masks I purchased. They are a perfect fit , comfortable and wash well. I have worn mine  and laundered and used a dryer rack for drying mine. I am sending some to a friend too. You have such BEAUTIFUL patterns to pick from. I have future plans for more masks they are going to become wardrobe staple/accessories.  Seriously its important to feel safe and wearing your masks I feel confident in keeping with the necessary precautions to protect myself, my family and friends.

– @l0uets51 via Instagram

These are easily the most comfortable masks I have. I love the adjustable ties and the fact that I can just throw one around my neck when I leave the house, and pull it up as needed. She has a great assortment of super cute fabrics, too!

– @beelzebethknits via Instagram

These are the highest quality masks I have! The design is awesome, and they’re comfortable and adjustable. These are my new favorites, hands down. (And that stitching detail! Such a nice touch!)

– @lindsey_silveredgriffin via Instagram

Thank you so much for making beautiful masks, it is a good deed for the world. Thank you also for kindly helping my best friend, who is vulnerable and really needed it. I love the attention to safety, size inclusiveness and style.

– TK

These masks fit the best. Autumn was so helpful in getting us what we needed in a timely fashion. She was able to get us loops instead of ties because my grandfather can’t do ties with his hearing aids. Thank you thank you thank you 🥰

– @cleersa via Instagram

Great!! You are truly a blessing!!! It is far better than the standard cloth masks that usually gape at the side of your face.

Thanks so much!!!

– JF

This is the best fitting mask I’ve ever used. It’s big enough for my face, it’s snug without crushing my nose, it covers more of my face than any others. When I have to work for a 10-12 hour shift I always pick one of the masks I bought from you since they fit so well!

– @skhyrns via Instagram

I know you’ve been very busy but I wanted to say thanks again for the most excellent Covid masks. I went with a disposable today for a dr visit and it was so hard to get it at all right. Your ties are so soft and make a perfect fit SO easy. You got serious mask skills.

– CS

I wanted to let you know the masks are awesome, best design I have worn yet. I love them so much. In case I did not mention it before, my other favorite part about the mask is the loop that holds it onto your neck when it is not in use or you need to take it down. It’s like the best of both worlds when it comes to ear loops vs. the tie on masks.

– @inkydragon via Instagram

I work in a research lab and need to wear a cloth face mask for long periods of time while I do work that requires a lot of focus. I have a few different types of masks and these fit my face by far the best, with no gaps. They are breathable and comfortable for long term wear, and I’ve gotten lots of compliments on them!

– @lauren_knit via Instagram

Autumn – you have custom made the only mask that fits my beloved. Thank YOU for being willing to adjust your pattern for big guys with bushy beards. You have no idea how much I thank you for helping keep my hubby safe.

– MO

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