New Mask Sizing & Size Inclusion

Hello! Thank you to everyone who has recently subscribed to updates on my site! I’m so glad you’re here. Today is day 150 of isolating and I truly didn’t see making sewing a full time job but here we are and I’m quite enjoying the process and all of your lovely feedback. I’ve shipped almost 400 masks since May 1st and I’m so grateful for that home ec. course I took back in 7th grade forever ago when I learned some basics of sewing and working with a sewing machine. Now for the fun stuff:

Mask sizing

I have introduced a new mask size to my line up so now there are three size options available:

  • Child (for ages ~4-8)
  • Adult (one-size-fits-most for ages ~8 and up)
  • Fuller (a larger size to accommodate fuller faces and beards)

One of the biggest concerns with mask wearing is comfort and nothing is more uncomfortable than a mask that is too small for your face so I’ve introduced one more size for fuller faces and beards to help make sure everyone is covered. When ordering, please specify which size you need for each fabric choice or for your full order. If a size isn’t specified, I will make the default Adult size.

Mask Delivery

I typically ship orders within one to two business days. With the addition of the new size, you may see slightly longer ship times. I was pre-cutting fabric as it arrived for the Adult size but that has left me without some of the prints to cut to a Fuller size. I will try to order prints that I have run out of and I apologize if some of the fabrics you want in a Fuller size are no longer in stock. As a larger size myself, I understand how frustrating it is to not have access to prints that you love and I’m working hard to ensure that won’t happen with any fabrics I get in stock going forward.

New Fabrics

I’ve got some new fabrics coming soon including three different Ruth Bader Ginsburg theme prints, Biden 2020, and some fun Halloween fabrics. I should have all of them added to the site in the next week. I’m just waiting to take delivery of the RBG/Biden fabric and then I can get everything listed. These fabrics are so good and there is already a waitlist so if you’d like to be on the list, just send me a message through Contact Me.


The buy 4, get 1 (or buy 8, get 2) mask sale is still going and will continue until 8/31/2020. I’m including the new fabrics in the sale but recommend shopping quick because I do not expect them to last long. If there is a great enough demand I may try to reorder but that is still to be determined.

Size Inclusion

I advocate for size inclusion and am working on compiling a list of size inclusive knit and crochet patterns that have a minimum finished bust of 58″ after ease is accounted for. I’m not sure when it will be ready yet but just know that it is in progress. If you are size inclusive designer and would like to have your patterns included in the list, please contact me!

Last Call

The following fabrics only have one Adult size left. Get them before they are gone:




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