Day 1 of Back to School

Today is officially the first day of school for our district and I definitely have mixed feelings. Our son is registered for online only for his general education courses but is expected to be on campus tomorrow for one course and I truly hope the school is prepared. Based on what I’ve read online with other schools returning, I have my doubts but I’m trying to prepare him as best as I can. How are you holding up? Are your schools back in session?

One feedback I’ve received already is that some schools won’t allow masks with patterns. All I’m going to say is that I hope they bring the same energy that they have to policing the fabrics to ensuring that masks are being properly worn over the nose and mouth. I do want to make sure you’re able to keep your students safe so I have added a new batch of solid colors to my inventory. Make a rainbow for the week, pick their favorite colors or match your school colors – no matter what, I am doing what I can to keep you protected with the same attention to detail and care as you’ve come to expect.

Fabric Solids K6-K14

I also wanted to remind you that there is one more week remaining for my back to school sale:

Buy 4 masks, get 1 free for $65 (save $15)

Buy 8 masks, get 2 free for $125 (save $30)

Priority shipping is included in the pricing!

All fabrics are included in the sale except for *LE1. Sale ends 8/31/2020.

I also wanted to share an interesting article I found that talks about how cloth masks protect us but that they are finding that people that wear masks are getting less sick than people who don’t because they are breathing in less of the virus. You can read that article here.

Stay safe, wear a mask, and share how your back to school experience goes!

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