Ohio Mask Mandate

Governor DeWine announced a mandatory mask order that has been expanded to the entire state of Ohio effective Thursday, July 23rd, starting at 6 p.m. Masks will be required at any time you are out in public or in a place where you can’t socially distance from others. There are some exceptions, including those under age 10, but those violating the order that do not meet one of the exceptions are looking at possible jail time up to 90 days or fines up to $750.

Currently I am still able to fulfill mask orders within one to two business days but I will update my delivery time as mask orders pick up. With many schools reopening next month and expecting a large portion of students to be physically in school for at least part of the week, it is incredibly important to get your mask orders in as soon as possible. If you need child size masks for ages 4-8, please be sure to specify child size in your order and which fabric(s) need to be child size. If you do not specify child size, I will make the standard one-size-fits-most adult size.

If you already own masks with elastic ear loops such as paper masks or fabric masks with elastic hair ties (a common solution since elastic has been difficult to source) and you find them uncomfortable, please contact me to request 3D printed ear saver mask clips. They wrap around the back of your head or neck depending on which you find more comfortable and the ear loops of the mask wrap around the notches on the clip. They help to customize the fit of your masks while taking the pressure off of your ears. We are not charging for these ear savers but if you’d like to send a donation to defray the cost of postage and PLA, it is appreciated.

3D printed ear saver mask clips

We have sent out hundreds of these clips since COVID-19 began and will continue to print and ship them as long as there is a need. We print a spool at a time so the colors available change frequently. We will honor color requests if we have it available but cannot make promises. These clips are thin and flexible and will form to the shape of your head but are strong enough to hold your mask in place. Need some? Contact me.

One last thing…

I’m excited to share the first limited edition fabric I’m offering. This fabric is vintage ’60s Japanese kimono cotton that I just received from Japan and I have a very limited supply. Masks from limited edition fabrics are $20 each and do not qualify for any discounts.

Vintage ’60s Kimono fabric. *LE1

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